eBay New Hire Experience

eBay New Hire Experience

    The go-to guide for new eBay employees

    // Problem: New eBay employees who are just hired often feel lost or overwhelmed during their first few weeks, so how do we instill excitement on their first day and to make them feel right at home.

    // Goal: To design a new hire landing page for eBay employees to find the necessities they need to be successful on their first day of work. Think of it as a packet to onboard new hires.

    // Team: As the senior designer, I worked with a product manager to come up with this mock to present to stakeholders and get buy-in with the internal ebay employee communications team.

    // Details: I was part of a team at eBay that worked on internal apps that specifically had to do with employee productivity and company culture. One of the most common feedback we’ve collected from our employees is the lack of references and guidelines on the how to’s of getting started for an eBay employee who’s been recently hired. A new eBay employee’s first day is filled with hours of orientation, making good first impressions and remembering many names. Add to that overwhelming experience, is trying to find the necessities you need to be successful at work without having to feel guilty about asking your colleagues every time to find something. So I came up with a landing page to guide new employees what they would need on their first day. In the past, the employee’s higher up or manager was responsible for remembering all of the details.