AmEx Travel

American Express Travel

    The landing page for booking vacations 

    // Problem: This was a design exercise, which I had a limited amount of time to spend on, assigned by the UX team at AmEx to gauge my level of design thinking and creativity.

    // Goal: To spend a considerable amount of time assessing the current home page to uncover what was their main objective. Once I figured that out, I worked on wireframes to plan out how to make their main call to action the focus on the page. 

    // Result: I was offered a role as a designer on the UX team.

    // Details: This was the design exercise that the AmEx UX design team assigned to me before being hired. A good design exercise helps the current team appraise potential candidates and gives the team an idea of the candidates’ level of design thinking and execution. My task was to present visual improvements to the well used travel home page. The current page had an overwhelming amount of repetitive information, so my first step was to de-duplicate the redundancy. Decluttering the page would bring the focus on the main call to action, which is the ability to book a trip. In the current design, there were multiple ui affordances with similar visual hierarchy, and they’re all fighting against each other for visibility. As an end user, I would have difficulty with where to begin. Once I decided that "Book Your Trip" is the main call to action, I made sure in the mocks to highlight the affordance so users can book travel plans with ease. 


    Initial wireframes


    High fidelity mocks

    Responsive mocks