AmEx Membership Rewards

American Express Membership Rewards

    Making it quick and easy to use points 

    // Problem: How to attract users in signing up for points and use all the benefits AmEx has to offer.

    // Goals: To address the following: how the benefits could be displayed, how marketing would persist throughout without spamming our users (while highlighting our partnerships), and how to create a simple consumer user journey. 

    // Result: After the initial fixes that I worked on with Membership Rewards, consumer satisfaction went from around 35% to over 70%.

    // Team: I worked with 1 product manager and software engineers to build the experience of finding out what you can do with your points.

    // Details: Through the Membership Rewards program, our AmEx cardholders are able to earn and collect points with qualified AmEx credit cards. The points act as currency itself, and can be used for a wide variety of possibilities from paying your bills to purchasing airline tickets and booking hotel rooms. 
    With this project, I was tasked with simplifying the entire journey of Membership Rewards, which is continually rolling out over the year. I worked on removing a large amount of unused information or repeated pages that had little value to the consumer. After optimizing the sections, I then looked at how to better display information on the site. American Express was moving towards a modular design, because of the large amount of content on the website and the ease of use in going responsive with this type of framework (tiles simply stack under each other as they go down to mobile). I also helped in building out a more streamlined checkout experience and I did so by attending group brainstorm meetings to discuss these journeys.

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