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    The landing page of 70 million+ global visitors

    // Problem: The current home page is dated and no longer reflects the design language of the newly launched log in experience. It is actually quite jarring to go from the antiquated look and feel of the home page screen to the updated account experience.

    // Goal: To present a new home page, while taking advantage of it's high visibility where there's an opportunity to showcase our brand.

    // Result: It was a great learning experience that taught me that as designers, we have the responsibility to step outside of our comfort zone, push boundaries and to think of a product holistically. It taught me to stop thinking about designing features individually, but instead how do these features come together as a whole experience - from end to end.

    // Team: I worked closely with one full stack engineer to build a working prototype for our stakeholders to see the possibilities of what life the home page could take on and how we need to keep pushing forward in areas we can make positive changes in while investing minimal effort or spending.

    // Details: I joined American Express (UX Design team) in June 2014 to be part of the large efforts to redesign multiple consumer facing experiences.

    After our successful launch of our customer account management system (simply put, it is the log-in experience), I was given the opportunity to flex my visual design skills and give our landing page a much needed facelift. This was part of an ambitious endeavor to persuade our leadership team to invest and allocate design work to our in-house UX teams rather than splurge or outsource to external agencies who are not as familiar and knowledgeable of the AmEx design brand that the UX design team has acquired from years being an AmEx employee.

    There were many moving pieces of the consumer facing ux because the majority of the AmEx website was outdated in terms of functionality, style, and tone. After studying the current home page, I felt that the best way to approach the redesign was to declutter the landing page of it’s repetitive data and to simplify the main call to actions - which is to motivate new users to sign up for an account while allowing returning users an easy path to log in.


    New and improved landing page

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